About us

Lourish has always upheld a conviction that it will never give up creating humanize interactions and solutions in the health field to help consumers.

We Have One Goal

To provide suitable highest quality
100% organic product and services

Product is known as a quality product only when it satisfies various criteria for its functioning for the consumer. We highly concern about the physical criteria, This is because same quality of physical performance should be available over a reasonable length of time Services are the non-physical, intangible parts of our company, as opposed to goods, as we can touch or handle to our lover audience. Service is a performance of how our company creates value to the audience to perform our value.

Our Brand

Make everyone’s life more energetic and courageous to enjoy a more perfect life and then actively contribute to society. To achieve the best return for our partners with sincerity, enthusiasm, care, thoughtfulness and love as the starting point of our brand. To develop a more open market, so that all cooperative enterprises or partners have a brighter future. “You” always our “Core”.

Our Mission

Lourish has always upheld a conviction that it will never give up creating humanize interactions and solutions in the health field to help consumers.
Being able to give back to society and create a healthy life for consumers is equivalent to accomplishing our career just like our slogan “Your Health, My Core”.
Therefore, Lourish is obliged to cooperate with small or medium size enterprise (SME) only to help consumers live a healthy life and provide more solutions such as health products,
health care knowledge & positive energy.

Besides communicate and cooperates with small or medium size enterprise (SME) to create more quality products or concepts, Lourish has always worked hard and never compromised to
become a well-known conscience enterprise with partners in different fields also, create business opportunities and create a more healthy environment for everyone!

The Lourish Team

Chloe Chan

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Grown With Love on Our Farms

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Trevor D. William

Founding Farmer